Yves Saint Laurent brings dreams of the Orient to Paris


Yves Saint Laurent

Asia’s rich culture colors and creativity are put on a show at the Yves Sant Laurent museum with works of talented Asian designers alongside Asian artworks. 

The Yves Saint Laurent museum in Paris is celebrating its first thematic exhibition since its opening in fall 2017. Through the medium of fashion and art the exhibition, Dreams of the Orient, will transport you to Asia. The exhibition has brought together a collection of over fifty designers from all corners of the continent. Fashion pieces are presented with Asian artwork on loan from the Musée national des arts asiatiques, Guimet, and private collectors. 

Imaginary travels 

“All I need for my images to blend into a place, or a landscape is a picture book […] I don’t feel any need to go there. I have already dreamt about it so much …” 

Yves Saint Laurent 

Throughout Saint Laurent’s collection, he has conveyed his curiosity and intrigue for “imaginary travels” and exotic locations.  Saint Laurent worked directly in exploring themes, designs, traditions, and folklore to expand his creative mind.

Saint Laurent provides a personal viewpoint towards Asia in his collections founded on his deep knowledge of Asia. Undoubtedly one of his most famous fragrances Opium sparked controversy but was a worldwide success.  Throughout his career, he has taken inspiration from local garbs and dress codes from Asian countries. Reinterpreting them and introducing a high fashion touch. Imperial China played a significant role in his 1977 autumn winter collection. His theatrical and avant-garde depiction showed the developing facet of China.  Laurent was also inspired by the rich and sumptuous cloaks from Indian sovereigns for his summer 1982 collection. 

Dreams of the Orient is a magical tale of Yves Saint Laurent sensibility and curiosity for Asia and portrays Asia’s deep role in the fashion industry in the past and present.

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