Art Basel Miami  2018 


Art Basel arrives yet again on the white shoes of sunny Miami Beach to present arts complex role in today’s society.

Miami becomes art Mecca in the month of December as world renowned artists, galleries and international crowd flock to the white sands of Miami Beach for Art Basel. Defined by the city and the region Miami art Basel is a unique stage for  art from the Americas and beyond. Art Basel has further helped segment Miami as a destination for art and artists. 

Art Basel Miami is one of the most significant events on the art world calendar. This year features the Art Basel Conversations program. For the fifth consecutive year Mari Spirito , Executive Director and Curator of Protocinema, and Philip Kaiser , former director of Museum Ludwig, are two internationally recognised art experts who have curated the Conversations program and a new version of ‘Autorreconstrucción: To Insist, to Insist, to Insist…’ by artist Abraham Cruzvillegas, a presentation in collaboration with The Kitchen. 

These years talks highlight arts complex role with society,  technology, politics, and nations.  Talks such as Which Art Problems can Blockchain Solve? Or What is the Role of Museums in the Age of Political Polarisation? Analyze and question the current and future relationship and role of art in the 21st century.  Art Basel aims to expand the art into different realms of life and society aiming to present open discussions, concepts, and solutions in a more challenging and competitive climate.

 Over 200 galleries will be displaying artwork at this year’s edition at the recently refurbished Miami  Beach Convention center.  Paintings sculptures multimedia and creative pieces from corners of the globe will be shown. With Art Work ranging from inexpensive edition pieces by young artists to multimillion-dollar museum-caliber masterpieces. 

The artwork will be presented into different sections such as Nova witch features never before seen pieces. Survey is designed to present precise historical art projects. Or Positions that provides a platform for new talent to be on show at Art Basel. 


Art Basel Miami never fails to disappoint and provides an authentic reflection of today’s society in relation to art. A window and a unique space where art, artists, and conversation are in the constant flow a truly didactic and organic experience. 

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