Live your jewelry love affair to the fullest | Innocent but spectacular

The first style guide to include creations signed by 20 jewellery designers on 4 continents and inspire women on how to wear them 

Jewelry Love Affair gallery launches its first guide on how to wear fine jewellery, following a rigorous curatorial process conducted by its founder, Georgia Petcu, in order to meet the needs of modern women in search of style advice and self-improvement. 

The “Live your jewelry love affair to the fullest” book is now available online and presents exquisite creations signed by 20 jewellery designers on 4 continents that can be worn with office and cocktail dresses or gowns. 

The jewellery pieces were selected based on relevant criteria such as design, uniqueness, innovative manufacturing techniques and features, but also based on how well they go with the outfits we usually wear in different life situations. 

“Women often feel underserved in stores that focus on the technical specifications of jewellery and very little on how they can wear it, if not at all. The fact is we care about fashion and would like to know more about the way we can integrate contemporary jewellery into our style. The “Live your jewelry love affair to the fullest” guide does that. It helps women cultivate their fine taste by presenting inspiring ideas on what fine jewellery to wear at work, a cocktail party or an evening event and get the WOW effect in their looks”, declares Georgia Petcu, founder of and author of the series. 

The book allows readers to use it as a source for updating their style as well as a creative tool of getting closer to the art of jewellery and discovering wearable pieces made by designers from different parts of the world. 

To this fact, the designers / jewellery houses whose works are presented in the guide are: Alexandra Albini (Italy), Anastazio (Greece), Bia Tambelli (Brazil), Claudio Pino (Canada), Cyntia Tomi (Brazil), Jessie V E (UK), Joke Quick (Belgium), Dana Bronfman (USA), Filipa Oliveira (Scotland), Lydia Courteille (France), Marie Cabirou | MARIE MAS (France), Maria Kotsoni (Cyprus), Martha Seely (USA), Melanie Georgacopoulos | M/G TASAKI (UK), Nina Murad | ALANINA (Lebanon), Selda Okutan (Turkey/France), Annegret Morf & Antonio Serafino | SERAFINO (Canada), Shawn Warren (USA), TASAKI (France/UK).

The style guide, which is available for purchase on, includes matching fine jewellery for red, purple and black dresses, another special section being dedicated to sequin outfits. 

This represents the first edition in the “Live your jewelry love affair to the fullest” series, which will be comprised of several books focusing on the chic ways of wearing fine jewellery.

Presenting exquisite pieces and advice on how to wear them, the online gallery is home for fine art jewellery and an exclusivist community looking for unique and stunning designs. The platform is aimed at encouraging women to live their jewellery love affair to the fullest by helping them to easily and elegantly integrate jewellery into their world. Through a celebration of talent, mastery and vision, it also curates one-of-a-kind jewels or from limited editions, presents international designers and tells the stories of extraordinary people in love with jewellery.

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