Marzotto Interiors has decided to support Save Ukraine Arte 22, a project organized to help Ukrainian museums in the effort to protect the works of art in their collections.

The goal of the initiative is to gather materials and equipment capable of providing adequate protection in the conservation, movement and storage of works of art.

Marzotto Interiors has contributed flame-retardant furniture fabrics from its collections, which can be of great importance for the safeguarding of paintings, sculptures, art objects, books, etc., preventing them from being damaged during the conflict.

Save Ukraine Art 22 is a response to the request for help made by Taras Wozniak, director of the Lviv National Art Gallery and coordinator of a network of Ukrainian museums. The action has been organized by Lucio Gomiero, corporate manager and a teacher at the Universities of Venice and Trieste, with Marco Gallipoli, an Italian residing in Lviv, and Ustyna Sorona, his partner, who have created a project team for the occasion to take concrete measures, extending the effort to a national level.

The project began at the end of April with the departure of the first truck loaded with materials required for the safeguarding of the works of art held in various Ukrainian museums. Other shipments will follow in the months to come, to continue to protect the extraordinary cultural heritage of the Ukraine.

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