Visual exhibition IN-BETWEEN. Where Art meets Design.

Casa Baglioni, the new hotel in the Baglioni Collection set to open in Milan’s Brera district this year to a design by architects Spagnulo & Partners, offers a look behind the scenes during Milan Design Week, as it becomes the stage for an exclusive art exhibition: In-Between. Where Art meets Design.

Spagnulo & Partners have created a show to explore the subtle relationship between art and design that underpins the concept for the new Casa Baglioni. It features works by four great international artists – Agostino Bonalumi, Anne Imhof, Enrico Castellani and Giulio Paolini – from the Stefano Cecchi Trust Collection, created by entrepreneur Stefano Cecchi and curated by Iole Pellion di Persano.

The exhibition endorses the idea of a dialogue between interior design and works of artas a means of discovering new visual languages. It is a process that leads to a vision of an integrated space where art, design and architecture interweave to create a world of original expressive possibilities. With this event, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts and Spagnulo & Partners are championing this creative approach, as a conceptual overture to the future Casa Baglioni’s defining themes, inspired by the great artistic flowering of the 1960s Milan avant-garde.

I am excited about this artistic venture conceived with our key partners at the new Casa Baglioni to celebrate the art and design of ’60s Milan” commented Guido Polito, Baglioni Hotels & Resorts CEO.“A dialogue with art is a unique experience, prompting us to radically rethink how we conceive of space and design. It is a journey that endows designs with meaning, enabling them interact with the world.” adds Federico Spagnulo, Founder and Senior Partner at Spagnulo & Partners.The exhibition has been created with top partners from the Made in Italy arena, with Panzeri IlluminazioneZucchetti.KosDedar and the kind cooperation of Guisa CostruzioniGabana Arredamenti and Chef Claudio Sadler, auteur of the Casa Baglioni cuisine.

IN-BETWEEN. Where Art meets Design.
Where: Via Dei Giardini 21, Milan

Open to the public:
7, 8, 11 June, 10 am – 4 pm
9, 10 June, 11 am – 8 pm
12 June, 10 am – 1 pm

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