BREITLING LAUNCHED ITS SUPEROCEAN HERITAGE OCEAN CONSERVANCY LIMITED EDITION WATCH IN BALI WITH THE SUPPORT OF ITS HIGH-PROFILE SURFERS SQUAD MEMBERS KELLY SLATER, SALLY FITZGIBBONS, AND STEPHANIE GILMORE. WORKING WITH THE CONSERVATION GROUP OCEAN CONSERVANCY, BREITLING ORGANIZED A BEACH CLEANUP TO CELEBRATE THE LAUNCH OF THE CHRONO­GRAPH, WHICH IS LIMITED TO 1000 PIECES.Breitling introduced a limited-edition model to commemorate its important partnership with Ocean Conservancy. The launch, which was held in Bali in cooperation with Ocean Conservancy, was part of a beach cleanup initiative with 100 Breitling guests and hundreds of volunteers from Bali and the surrounding region. The cleanup effort resulted in hundreds of kilograms of trash and plastic being removed from the beach.On hand to support the cleanup were the members of Breitling’s Surfers Squad, Kelly Slater, from the US, and the two Australians Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore, who contributed their efforts to their first shared mission as part of Breitling’s squad. Kelly Slater, arguably the most successful surfer of all time, said: “I always say – and I believe that I can speak on behalf of the entire Surfers Squad – that beaches are, in effect, our offices. What we have seen here and on beaches and in oceans around the world is shocking, and I would like to thank Breitling and Ocean Conservancy for their shared fight against plastic pollution. Everyone can contribute to a cleaner environment – for ourselves and for future generations.”

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