Elegant, essential lines identify the Einstein collection, an eclectic proposal for the sleeping area that combines functionality and aesthetic appeal
For the sleeping area, Clan Milano combines functionality, elegance and aesthetic eclecticism in a versatile and sophisticated collection. Einstein – designed by Alessandro La Spada for the Brianza-based brand – features essential traits and is defined by elegant dialectical contrasts: the soft padding of the headboard and frame contrasts the rigorous profiles to lend a contemporary mood to space. The heart of the bedroom is the Einstein bed, which boasts a majestic headboard made up of semi-movable side panels equipped with built-in accessories such as Bubble lamps and shelves. The furniture line also includes a sophisticated screen formed by three rectangular padded modules and equipped with mirror, pouffe, shelf and light bulb. At the foot of the bed stands the Pipe oval ottoman characterized by the tubular structure that draws the rounded profiles of the base. Very narrow corners and curves support and delimit the soft padding upholstered with a romantic floral fabric.

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