Over recent years, Kinetic art has been revived with the emergence of a brand-new generation of collectors. Mark Hachem Gallery has always been attached to this art movement, never ceasing to represent it in solo exhibitions, collectives shows and international art fairs. At Volta Basel, the gallery intends to showcase the growth of the kinetic movement through time by exploring the works of different artists from different time periods. Mark Hachem Gallery is bringing together three masters of the kinetic art, Jesus Rafael Soto, Carlos Cruz Diez, and Dario Perez Flores, in order to show the roots of this iconic movement from which new styles and interpretations have grown. The three artists, who came from Venezuela, chose France as their country of refuge from which to base their artistic research. It is a useful reminder that immigration and exchange often lead to considerable cultural contributions. 
One similar artist is Hussein Madi, whose work will also be shown by Mark Hachem Gallery at Volta Basel. Madi’s work draws on the kinetic movement for inspiration but takes another turn, making the style his own. In his work, Madi reverts back to the pictographic style, when writing was half-symbol, half-picture, in order to express unity between the concrete and the symbolic. This was a school of thought which can be applied to any ideal, but his works still represent the use of shapes which is crucial to kinetic art. He learns from the masters’ styles of movement and merges it with post-cubist elements in order to bring a distinctive voice and style to his works. Post-cubism has also driven French artist Philippe Hiquily to create something different, something unique. Though inspired by the Post-Cubist movement, Hiquily does not adhere strictly to its practices, and chooses instead to marginalize himself and allow this movement to be viewed in a new light through his personal artistic lens.
Philippe HIQUILY La Funambuleuse, 1981 (ed.2007) Mobile hammered iron, waxed and feathers H.103 x L.54 x P.13 cm Signé « HIQUILY », edition de 8 ex. referenced in the catalog raisonné
Moreover, the gallery will also be showcasing contemporary Art through the works of Ghazi Baker, Marwan Chamaa, Fury, Mathias Schmied, Youri, Bastiani  and Mauro Corda.

VOLTA BASEL 2019Galerie Mark hachem
Booth #B03 LOCATIONElsässerstrasse 215, Basel 
Monday, June 10 – Saturday, June 15

VIP Preview
Monday, June 10, 12 – 7 PM

Tuesday, June 11 – Saturday, June 15
10 AM – 7 PM
Closed on Sunday

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