The purity of polar landscapes inspires the new color developed by VENINI, who revisit the iconic products of the collection.

A master of color, VENINI enriches its chromatic universe season after season with hues that interpret, both in terms of the project concept and on an emotional level, the trends of the interior design world. Drawing inspiration from the purity of winter landscapes, the new Iceberg capsule collection  is born.


Much like the majestic ice formations characterizing polar landscapes, the iconic Fazzoletto, Deco, Monofiore Balloton, Opalino, and Veronese vases and the  Ritagli, Acco, Idalion, and Sidone  designer vases are imbued with cerulean reflections and shades of white. Colors that capture the essence of the cold season and evoke the captivating variability of icebergs.

The vases, with their fluid and transparent lines, thus evoke the ethereal elegance and purity of the ice crystals that form in the cold Arctic waters.

The products, seem to capture the light, revealing, through the material charm of transparency, the true magic of glass and its evocative soul.


Their perceptual lightness becomes pure elegance, an enchanting and natural complement for any setting.


The fruit of meticulous craftsmanship, each creation is carefully fashioned by master glassmakers who skillfully transform the glass into unique works of art. These pieces, seductive in their glacial beauty, captivate with every detail.

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