Venice Carnevale 2018


Most people would associate Carnival with two cities Rio de Janeiroo and Venice.  Venetian carnival is a sophisticated, mysterious and elegant affair. Where porcelain masks, extravagant gowns and exotic feathers collide. It is believed that Carnivale began in response to the victory of the Venetian Republic against the patriarch of Aquileia. In honour of this symbolic victory the Venetian people gathered and danced in San Marco square. The festival became an official celebration in the Renaissance period. The Baroque festival has inspired travellers, artists and writers ever since.  Attracting 3 million visitors a year.  The Festa della Marie event kicks off at Piazza San Marco, like many centuries ago,  where Venetian ladies dressed by Atelier Pietro Longhi  will be followed by a historical period costume procession. During the two week event their will be daily festivals and historical reenactments of battles between feudal families.  The Balled of the masks return once again this year. The Grand Finale will take place on Shrove Tuesday, February 13, with crowning of the winner of the 2018 edition of the ‘Festa delle Marie’, who will arrive in the Square at the end of the water procession departing from San Giacomo dell’Orio, and at 5.00 pm, the Flight of the Lion in St. Mark’s Square will mark the end of the celebrations.


19.02.2017 Carnevale di Venezia 2017 CREATUM. “Volo dell’Angelo” Claudia Marchiori dal Campanile di San Marco. © Italo Greci/VELA S.p.A.

“The idea of this year’s Carnival – says Artistic Director Marco Maccapani – is to pay tribute to an age-old form of entertainment – the circus – made of amazement, skill, acrobatics and magic; where the settings, roles, skills and imagination intermingle in a surprising mix that conveys timeless emotions. This tradition is also being re-enacted to commemorate Federico Fellini, who was a great admirer of the circus”. 

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