The finest jewelry retailers have lots of questions about the exciting secondary or “aftermarket” for top watches like Rolex and Patek Philippe.

CENTURION’s new TOP WATCH Aftermarket Watch Conference (taking place at the Ritz-Carlton Miami Beach on September 28-30, 2022, concurrent with The CENTURION South Beach Jewelry Show) will offer the answers from cutting-edge professionals who live this market every day.
“We are very excited to announce a phenomenal roster of speakers and sessions for this new, timely and topical conference,” said CENTURION  president Howard Hauben. “They will answer questions on hot retailer topics like buying, selling, taking trade-ins, valuation, authentication, succeeding as a retailer in general and much more in the ever fascinating secondary watch market.” 

Top Watch Speakers and Sessions:
SESSION 1: Wednesday, September 28, 11 AM to 1 PM
To register: SESSION 1:
What’s happening now and what are the key trends in the vintage/secondary watch market for Rolex and other brands.
SESSION DESCRIPTION: This session will serve as a PRIMER AND UPDATE from our seasoned pros. The session is geared to better level jewelry retailers who are both current, knowledgeable market participants and those new to the market who are interested in learning and are considering getting involved.
Robert Velasquez, who has worked with Tourneau, Patek Philippe at Tiffany, Watchbox, ABTW, Watchtime Magazine, and has developed a watch department for an auction house.

Ariel Adams, founder of the major website and media company ABLOGTOWATCH (ABTW), and is a globally-referenced perspective on the watch industry.

SESSION 2: Thursday, September 29, 8 AM to 10 AM
To register SESSION 2
The promise of authentification and power of the secondary watch market.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Join eBay’s GM of Luxury, Tirath Kamdar, and industry authority Ariel Adams, for an insightful conversation on the powerful rise of the secondary luxury market — and with it the race to meet consumer demand while sustaining brand values and ensuring authenticity. 

From collecting for passion, to the rise of alternative investment assets and consumer shifts to sustainable shopping, this session will delve into the opportunities ahead for brands, retailers and resellers as the secondhand luxury watch market continues to grow.
SPEAKERS: eBay’s GM of Luxury, Tirath Kamdar, who drives innovation, growth and trust for eBay’s luxury business and ABTW’s Ariel Adams.

SESSION 3: Friday, September 29, 8 AM to 10 AM
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A special two-part educational seminar with 40-year vintage and secondary market watch professional Matthew Green, Matthew Green Jewelers, Boca Raton, FL.

PART 1: How better jewelry stores can win (and lose) in the vintage/secondary market for Rolex and other brands.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Matthew brings his vast knowledge to bear in helping attending retail jewelers understand the market and its many opportunities and pitfalls. Learn what makes certain watches more valuable than others and multiple strategies for buying, selling and avoiding getting ripped off.
PART 2: Session geared to the Rolex authorized dealer.

SESSION DESCRIPTION: Learn the latest on gray market dealers, collectors and flippers and get a 10-year overview on Rolex secondary market brand speculation, where the market is heading and hear about current price trends on pre-owned and gray market Rolex watches. and get a rundown on the nicknames for the most popular Rolex watches. do you know them all?
SPEAKER: Matthew Green is a second-generation jeweler, graduate gemologist and licensed auctioneer. He has been engaged in the jewelry, gem, diamond and watch industry as a retailer and also a wholesaler in South Florida for over 40 years. Matthew Green Jewelers buys & sells pre-owned Rolex and other brand name watches at wholesale prices to the jewelry industry.

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