Dreaming of winning in Valderrama

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Sergio García: “Each hole in Valderrama has its own attraction and I like them all, because they force you to keep thinking and stay focused from the first to the last shot. It is a very demanding course that doesn’t give you any breaks. You need to put the ball in the right places and keep the errors to the minimum, but you are bound to make errors, so patience is key at Valderrama. You must respect this course or it will turn against you at any moment. One of the things I like most is that it allows you to use all the clubs in the bag.”

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Jon Rahm: “Valderrama is the dream course to make my professional debut in Spain, mainly because of its significance for Spanish and European golf. It has a huge history, and Patiño did a great job at creating one of the best golf courses in the world. I couldn’t think of anything more special than making my first appearance in front of the Spanish public at an Andalucía Valderrama Masters. I’ve been dreaming for ages for this moment and hope to give a good show.”

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José María Olazábal: “Without being long, Valderrama is one of the most demanding courses in the world; technical and narrow with small greens. You must keep perfectly focused from the first tee shot to the last putt. I know no other course that doesn’t allow for a moment of relaxation in 18 holes. It’s a great golf course and always in top condition.”

Pablo Larrazábal: “Valderrama is the best course I have ever played. It’s very demanding off the tee and into the greens. I haven’t scored well lately, but my game is in good shape, so maybe coming here will give me the motivation I need to do things well. The course is not set up as difficult as last year, but the greens are as small as ever and you need to strike the ball really well if you want to score”.

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Álvaro Quirós: “Valderrama is not long, but you need to put the ball in the right spot on every single shot. It’s no good to put it within ten yards; you must put it exactly where the course demands.

Obviously, this is not my style of play, but I like to practice there because it tests my patience and pushes me mentally to the limit. It is great practice, and I am very grateful to be able to practice on a course to be proud of.”

Gonzalo Fernández-Castaño: “I love Valderrama, it’s my second home. I have spent many summers here and I have many good friends. It’s a pleasure to return to one of the best courses in Europe, or even in the world. I look forward to performing well this week. Although my results are not yet as good as I would like, I feel that I am getting closer. I would love to up there on Sunday. I have always dreamt of winning a European Tour event, or at least to challenge for the title – hopefully this will be the week.”

Alejandro Cañizares: “I practice here when I am at home, so I know the course well and I love it. I have few expectations, I just want to play my own game and do my best. I feel more confident and I am playing better, so why not? a good week here would be a great help. I’ll be at home, and I will have my family there, my friends will come and It’s going to be a lot of fun. If the wind blows as usual it will be tricky, but I want to enjoy my week.”

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