Salzburg is celebrating its 25th anniversary as a UNESCO World Heritage Site And City of Music- a great time to discover – or re-discover – Mozart’s birthplace. 

The historical city centre of Salzburg has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site for 25 years. The town owes its elegance and uniqueness to the prince-archbishops: their architectural, artistic and social heritage can be found everywhere in Salzburg and is celebrated with renowned musical events such as the Salzburg Festival and exciting exhibitions including “Salzburg unique” at the Salzburg Museum. 

The vision of Prince-Archbishop Wolf Dietrich zu Raitenau (1559 – 1617) was to transform Salzburg into a magnificent “Rome of the North”. 
The old town’s five squares – Residenzplatz, Domplatz, Mozartplatz, Kapitelplatz and Alter Markt – are considered the most beautiful in the city to date, forming the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Site together with Hohensalzburg Fortress.

And yet, Salzburg’s charm also lies in the small moments. Wandering the cobblestone streets in the city centre, strolling through the perfectly manicured Mirabell Gardens, or seeing the Salzach river wind its way through the city from one of the surrounding mountains – Salzburg’s unique mix of old heritage and awe-inspiring nature makes it a memorable city break destination.

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