Jon Rahm joins Seve’s children in promoting junior golf 


  • Launch of the “Seve & Jon golf for kids” sub-16 tour, featuring five qualifying events and a final.

  • The opening event will be held next Thursday at Real Golf de Pedreña.


Jon Rahm and Seve Ballesteros’s three children, Javier, Miguel and Carmen, have joined forces in an initiative aimed at introducing the game of golf and its values to the younger generations. To this end, they are launching the “Seve & Jon golf for kids” tour for boys and girls under 16. The programme, comprising five qualifying events and a final, will be held at facilities across Cantabria, Navarre and the Basque Country.

The contestants will test their skills in three aspects of the game: distance, short game and putting. Each event is limited to a maximum of 120 participants by order of registration, and each player may enter only one qualifier. The contestants will compete under the following age categories:

  • Boys and girls 10 years and under (maximum handicap 54.0) – 25 players

  • Boys and girls 11-12 years (maximum handicap 48.0) – 25 players

  • Boys 13-14 years (maximum handicap 42.0) – 20 players

  • Girls 13-14 years (maximum handicap 42.0) – 20 players

  • Boys 15-16 years (maximum handicap 36.0) – 15 players

  • Girls 15-16 years (maximum handicap 36.0) – 15 players

Seve & Jon golf for kids schedule:

  • August 23 – Real Golf de Pedreña (Cantabria)

  • August 28 – Real Nuevo Club de Golf Basozábal (San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa)

  • August 29 – Club de Golf


    (Legutio, Álava)

  • September 4 – Club de Golf Ulzama (Navarra)

  • September 5 – Real Sociedad de Golf de Neguri (Getxo, Vizcaya)

  • Final event presided by Jon Rahm TBD in December at Meaztegi Golf (Ortuella, Vizcaya)

Participants must sign up through their respective Autonomous Golf Federation. All registration fees – €15 – will be donated to the Aladina Foundation, a cancer support group offering a holistic approach of care for young cancer patients and their families.

The format of each event consists of three contests – distance, short game and putting – for all the participants. This format is designed to create an enjoyable experience in order to attract the kids to the game of golf and its inherent values. Points will be awarded for performance in each contest, and the total number of points will make up the player’s score.

There will be trophies for the first three in each category, who will be entitled to enter the final event at Meaztegi Golf (Ortuella, Vizcaya), hosted by Jon Rahm and Seve Ballesteros’s children in December. Every participant will receive a gift.

Besides the full involvement of leading actors, Jon Rahm and Javier, Miguel, and Carmen Ballesteros, as well as the support of Tamoin, the “Seve & Jon golf for kids”sub-16 tour enjoys the collaboration of SubaruTaylorMade, the Royal Spanish Golf Federation and the Autonomous Federations of CantabriaNavarre and the Basque Country.

Jon Rahm: “I am honoured to launch this golf tour for children and to be part of this great opportunity of promoting our sport. I have said many times that Seve means everything to me, he was my hero and he is a truly indisputable benchmark in Spanish golf. I took up golf thanks to Seve; he inspired me to be where I am today, so I am proud and excited to share this initiative that bears his name. We have selected an enjoyable format because we want the kids to have fun and want them to come back. A very special thank you to Javier, Miguel and Carmen for their support, for including me in this project, and for making another dream come true. Best of luck to all the participants and see you in December!”

Javier Ballesteros: “One of the key objectives in our father’s career was promoting golf. Carmen, Miguel and I are most grateful to Jon for joining this project. Jon is doing incredible things in golf and we are delighted to share with him this initiative that would make our father proud. The aim of Seve & Jon golf for kids is to introduce golf to children, to inspire them, and to teach them the values of sport following the example set by our father and by Jon. We are really excited by this unique project.”

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