Great success for the first edition of
Venice Boat Show
The public responds positively  to the call of the “people of the sea”, more than 27 thousand entries. The event become immediately a reference point for the world of boating, thanks to its dual commercial and cultural nature.  

Venice,  June 23rd 2019 –   The Venice Boat Show closes with great satisfaction for the organizers but above all for those who participated, exhibitors and the public. The objectives of the premises, summarized in the claim that animated the week “The Art of Shipbuiling is Back Home“, were achieved with complete satisfaction.
The Venice Boat Show fully enters among the events to be visited dedicated to boating. And it does so with a new approach, demonstrating a strong cultural vocation, as the place that welcomes it deserves. Visitors were amazed by the atmosphere and could not be otherwise: the art of camouflage that has populated the walls, piers and basin since 1200 is still perceived, amplified in the colors of the sunset, in the lights and shadows that enter the structure that hosted the stands. During the Exhibition, 43 meetings were held in the venues dedicated to conferences, discussing all aspects of navigation: from the environment to sustainability, to yacht design, accompanied by 8 exhibitions on the themes of boating, the sea and transport.
As stated by the Mayor of the city, Luigi Brugnaro: “Venice has become Queen of the Seas in the most wide cultural sense. We showed our skills in design and architecture, also recovering traditional activities. In these days, Venice has remarried the Sea. As city administration we have already financed the exhibition for another two years. Our goal is that the Boat Show becomes a regular event, in fact we have already begun to collect entries for the next edition. We will treasure mistakes and do even better. We want to have the whole supply  chain, from small to large boats. And, in the next editions, we want to have the whole city involved, not only the Arsenale, as it has already begun to do“.
The Venice Boat Show has laid a solid foundation, marking a total change compared to the past of events dedicated to boating that had not managed to get out of the local dimension. The choice of the FerrettiGroup to use the Arsenale for the inaugural party of the 50-meter Riva “Race” vessel and for the world premiere presentation of the Custom Line 107 motoryacht, are evidence of a well-placed confidence. The Arsenale lives: with Art, through the Biennale, and with naval art, through the Venice Boat Show. A new life that deserves in full: it is a pier towards the future of the Adriatic and the Mediterranean. An answer to the needs of the shipyards that have their production units in the Adriatic, to those who sail along the tourist corridor that leads from Venice to Istanbul, passing through Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece. A show that did not exist and that will serve the future of boating, also developing the theme of hybrid and electric propulsion.
The Mayor Luigi Brugnaro continues: “What is the future of this place? We have international ambitions, the Biennale is the most important contemporary art exhibition, here the great entrepreneurs come to see the destiny of the world, read through Art. The event at the Arsenale will also be a time of sea development for the sea. We are a world-class platform to talk to everyone: here we can fall in love with the sea and we will remind everyone of what is inside a boat and how beautiful it is to sail. The ‘culture of the sea’ has been part since the beginning of our project, involving also the young generations, and I want to thank all those who have worked  generously for this Show: it’s a real team success“.
Italian recreational boating is a high-quality industrial sector, an ambassador of the “Made in Italy”, with an added value of 11.8 billion euros, which marked an increase of 8.9% between 2015 and 2018. The Veneto region has recently grown intensely: Lombardy with 2.2 billion euros is in first place, Veneto is second with 1.57 billion. As for employees, the sector at national level involves around 17,245 in construction; 105,549 in subcontracting to construction and components; 39.870 in repairs, refit and services; 20.961 in tourism and commerce.
The public has rewarded us, we have exceeded 27 thousand presences” – declares Vela Spa through Fabrizio D’Oria, Director of Communication, Events and MICE who coordinated the event – “which I consider an important starting point for an Exhibition at the first edition. Venice proved to have a lot to offer. Thanks to the collaboration of all civil and military institutions, in particular the Navy for the extraordinary opening of the spaces at the Arsenale, and to the support of the various Departments of the Municipality of Venice and of its participated bodies, many infrastructural interventions have been realized in the Arsenale that represent the basic point of future editions”.
Alberto Bozzo, Director of Developing Markets at Vela Spa, echoes this: “The enthusiasm we have received from exhibitors and visitors at this edition of the Venice Boat Show is extremely positive and gives us the right motivation to grow significantly for the 2020 edition. We have achieved the goals we had set ourselves and we are certain that the Venice Boat Show will develop and strengthen. Many Italian and international shipyards have already confirmed a presence at the next edition with an answer above all expectations “.
A special thanks from Piero Rosa Salva, President of Vela Spa, to the partners who have supported the event since the first edition – Chamber of Commerce of Venice and Rovigo, Marina Militare, MUVE Fondazione Musei Civici Venezia, AVM Holding, Gruppo Veritas , Insula Spa, VENezia Informatica e Sistemi, Intesa San Paolo, Consortium Prosecco DOC, BMW, Edison, ENI, Giplanet – and also a heartfelt thanks to the workers and to the staff who made sure that everything was done in safety and security.
In the coming days, after a careful evaluation and consultation with the exhibitors and the operators involved, the dates of the next edition and the news for 2020 will be communicated.

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