Richard Ginori, since 1735 the ultimate expression of Italian excellence in the high-quality artistic manufacture of pure porcelain, will welcome visitors to the 2019 edition of the Salone del Mobile Milano.Shanghai, which will take place from November 20th to 22nd at the Shanghai Exhibition Center – Eastern Hall, N.1 Ground Floor, Stand EG 01, through an experiential pathway in which the iconic decorations of the Manifattura will animate and come to life.

The Kaleidoscopio installation – an emotional game of colours and sounds, animated with a unique soundtrack specifically composed for each collection by Valentin Huedo, dj and musical producer from Ibiza – will introduce the exhibition space of the maison, leading the visitor to discover some of its most iconic collections: Il Viaggio di Nettuno and Totem, the true stars of the show, but also Labirinto,CateneOriente ItalianoGiardino dell’IrisContessaOro di DocciaVolière and Corona Monogram.

An experiential pathway to best appreciate each collection: first among which Il Viaggio di Nettuno, a surprising dialogue between classic and contemporary. Born of the encounter with multifaceted artist Luke Edward Hall and inspired by the passion of the London designer for Greco-Roman mythology, and, in particular, for Neptune, the Roman god of the sea, and his bride Salacia, the collection comprises an unconventional vision of the art de la table. Drawings of the deities decorate plates, charger plates, cups and vases, while audacious and unexpected colours infuse personality into Hall’s creations. With the Il Viaggio di Nettuno collection, Richard Ginori reinterprets the table in a modern perspective, with unique design objects, true pieces of art.

Inspired by the wildest muse of all, nature, the Totem collection recalls, instead, a decorative tradition from the 1700s, when the reproductions of symbolic animals enriched the cups of lordly residences. In the Manifattura’s contemporary reinterpretation, the objects of the Totem collection are made unique by bright colours and chromatic juxtapositions inspired by the natural world and each piece can be personalised with a dedication, a phrase or a memory. At the Salone del Mobile Milano.Shanghai, Richard Ginori presents, in particular, the mouse figure, first sign of the Chinese Zodiac and symbol of wisdom, who is assigned the task of mediator between heaven and earth, between material and spiritual worlds. The maison depicts the new symbol ironically, in a library, on valet trays and mugs.

Furthermore, Richard Ginori will be present at the Shanghai event with the LabirintoCateneOriente ItalianoGiardino dell’IrisContessaOro di DocciaVolière and Corona Monogramcollections.

Created in 2016, the Salone del Mobile Milano.Shangai is organised by Federlegno Arredo Eventi, in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency ICE, the government agency that promotes the development of economic and commercial exchanges between Italy and China. It is an edition of the Salone del Mobile of Milan designed for the Asian market and, in particular, for the fast-growing Chinese one, increasingly looking to Italian design and creativity. Since its first edition, the exhibition has taken place at the Shanghai Exhibition Center, the monumental 93,000 m2 conference center in the heart of the Chinese metropolis. The Salone del Mobile Milano.Shanghai is one of the most prestigious events in Asia dedicated to Italian design and creativity, and this year will see the participation of the top worldwide luxury brands.

Richard Ginori is already appreciated in China, with a direct presence in selected high level Department and Multi-brand Specialty stores, including Tiamantti in Shanghai, as well as through an online store on Secoo, the leading online and offline luxury platform, also offering the collections of the brand in its point of sale in the 9 main cities of the country.

About Richard Ginori

Richard Ginori, whose origins date back to dates back to 1735, represents the utmost expression of Italian excellence in the artistic manufacturing of pure porcelain. Richard Ginori’s production is the result of know-how, work, people and creativity, in which imagination takes on concrete form demonstrating an extraordinary obsession with one thing: beauty. The Manifattura creates, produces and sells pure porcelain manufactured using a great variety of procedures, some of which have remained practically unchanged since the company first opened its doors, while others make use of advanced technologies and highly sophisticated machinery. Part of the Kering Group since 2013, Richard Ginori has always been associated with prominent names in architecture, design and fashion, and stands out on the world scene as a true icon of “Made in Italy”. Richard Ginori relies on a distribution network including flagship stores in Florence and Milan, a mono brand store in Moscow, a network of authorised resellers in Italy and corners in selected high-end department stores and multi-brand specialty stores all over the world.

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