Elegance and simplicity come together in the precious side tables by Angelo Cappellini, gems of exquisite manufacture, that walk the fine line between art and design, bringing together delicate inlaid textures and simple contours with a contemporary appeal.
An ancient technique that has been perfected over the centuries by artisan masters and now reinterpreted with the savoir-faire of the brand in an elegant and more current version. The inlay gives life to new aesthetic languages that permeate the sophisticated side tables, in a tribute to fine carpentry and the valuable wood grains used.A luxuriant tropical landscape is skilfully illustrated with inlaid brass profiles on the larch wood surface. Meanwhile, the body of the table is a solid cylindrical volume clad in a layer of metal with a brushed brass finish for a sophisticated and multi-faceted tactile effect.Shapes of Eastern inspiration decorate the grey oak surface of the second table on which an elegant carp with a mother-of-pearl eye is positioned alongside a graceful water lily in larch wood and delicate aquatic leaves with brass profiles.Bolstered by over a century of successful artisan craftsmanship, Angelo Cappellini reinterprets the classic canons of design, softening forms and finishes without foregoing the ancient roots of artisan craftsmanship and woodwork, represented by details of inestimable value.

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