One&Only Palmilla announces the launch of One&Only Spa’s newest wellness experience – a Temazcal. Inspired by ancient regional healing practices, the Temazcal combines traditional medicinal herbs, heat, steam, indigenous music and copal incense to create an intense healing experience to detoxify the body and purify the mind.

Taking its design and ethos from the traditions of the ancient temazcals of Mesoamerica, One&Only Spa’s Temazcal is set into the earth, built in a circular shape and heated using volcanic rocks gathered locally from the state of Baja California Sur. With its entrance facing east to greet the sunrise, the Temazcal is a re-creation of the womb space – small, dark, warm and humid. The entranceway is built low to the ground so one must enter lowering their head – a humbling position upon which to enter this sacred space. The exit is again the same – head first and low, facing down. This exit is the act of rebirth – cleansed and rejuvenated, and into the physical world once more.

The Temazcalhas been designed and administered by One&Only Palmilla’s resident shaman, Raul Retana – a master of the Temazcal, which was inspired by curative ceremonies that have been honoured in the region for over a thousand years. All the products and scrubs used during this holistic wellness experience are personally created by the shaman.Retana is a member of the Sonoran Mayo tribe, and has spent his life developing treatments using indigenous medicine created from natural herbs, clay and energy. An expert in natural medicine, holistic massages, neuromuscular stretching techniques, bio-magnetism and bioenergetics, Retana strives to both conserve and build upon his tribe’s ancient traditions.

The acclaimed One&Only Spa is set in lush, tropical gardens, and its highly trained therapists use ESPA products featuring the purest extracts of natural ingredients, ensuring all the spa’s wellness experiences are both therapeutic and personal. Located on Mexico’s Baja Peninsula One&Only Palmilla offers sweeping views of the Sea of Cortez and some of the most luxurious accommodations in Mexico. In addition to bespoke wellness experiences, guests can indulge in a wide variety of water activities, relax at the infinity-edged Agua Pool or enjoy their choice of world-class culinary offerings.

Temazcal Treatment Options: 

TEMAZCAL – duration 120 min

An ancient ritual healing practice shared by local indigenous people, which has been passed down from one generation to another. It consists of a steam bath with medicinal herbs to detoxify the body and purify mind, feelings, and emotions. The blend of herbs, heat, indigenous music, copal incense, herbal teas and desert medicinal drinks creates an intense healing experience.

Prices:Temazcal group session USD130++ per person or Temazcal private session: (1-4 guests) USD540++


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