Meccaniche Veloci presents the new Icon Damascus, an unrealised and original version of the Icon line. The Italian soul of the brand is the fuel that feeds the strong creativity of the Maison. 

Icon Damascus is exceptionally made of steel, the timepiece explores a steel technique used for more than a thousand years. The allure of history turns into a very topical aesthetic and design concept. The steel is stretched and folded down on itself many times in order to be forged. This process creates a unique pattern, that becomes the proud protagonist of the timepiece’s case. The decorative motif of the Damascus steel originates from the union of different types of metal, this aspect corresponds to an exceptional resistance and stability quality over time.

The metal of the 49 millimeter case and of the bezel shows a texture characterized by irregular “waves” that create shiny and opaque effects. In this unreleased background stand out the distinctive four black dials, each one indicating minutes and hours, while the date and the red seconds hand are located on the bottom right dial and top right dial. The functions of every single dial are regulated via their corresponding crowns.

Petit-Lancy Genè

The metal effect is interrupted on the case middle by a black a-DLC titanium band that besides adding more audacity to the timepiece, emulates and celebrates the next-gen pistons with black Teflon anti-seize insert.

Icon Damascus is driven by the calibre MV 8802 developed in-house, which is visible through the open caseback. 

The strap, directly attached to the case via a system that does not require lugs, is in black leather with red stitching and a black a-DLC steel folding clasp

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