Illulian’s Preview @ Maison&Objet 2018


As for past appointments Illulian confirms its presence at Maison&Objet in Paris. From 19 to 23 January 2018, the luxury Italian brand will showcase a selection of novelties and bestsellers, as highest expression of the authentic passion for quality and design: veritable artworks, which have been established the company’s worldwide leadership in the field of custom handmade rugs since 1960.
Among its extremely wide production, the brand is pleased to present some pieces belonging to the Limited Edition, its most exclusive collection designed by celebrities and figures from the world of design, art and photography. The line has been enriched with new prestigious collaborations: Luca Nichetto, Massimiliano AdamiFabien Cappello and Paula Pappenheim – who have been joined names like Bob Krieger, Karim Rashid, Alessandro La Spada etc. – as a confirmation of the attention devoted by Illulian to the universe of design, which increasingly turns out to be a combination of different fields such as architecture, painting, sculpture, fashion, photography and television.

Please wait… brand new rug by Luca Nichetto is a colourful tribute to the online image research, intended as the time elapsing between the single query and Google’s response, which displays a series of coloured boxes before elaborating the full images. The rug is a representation of that fleeting moment whose colour combination varies according to the country of research.
More specifically Please wait… refers to the distinctive palette resulting from the research of every renowned carpet manufacturer country.

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