Wang Zhipeng
Mandala, 2016



London to celebrate Chinese Contemporary Art announced their 2018 Project will feature China’s most boundary-breaking talents; an exhibition which will be co-curated by world-renowned Johnson Chang and the China Academy of Art in celebration of the academy’s 90th year.

London, START Art Fair announces its return to London’s iconic Saatchi Gallery for its fifth edition, as it continues to provide a vital platform in London for emerging artists and young galleries from around the world showing exciting new art. Taking place from 13t h -16t h September 2018, the fair will present over 50 artists from more than 25 countries to collectors, investors and art lovers on a global stage in London.

The fair promises to kick off London’s autumn art season with exhibitors’ presentations and curated projects, featuring some of the most talented emerging contemporary artists in Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Sweden, United Kingdom and internationally.

Complementing START’s ethos of presenting up and coming artists and galleries are a series of curated projects that reflect the Fair’s global agenda. START 2018 Project is proud to present an exhibition co-curated by the Hong Kong based, world-renowned Tsong-Zung Chang (Johnson Chang) and the China Academy of Art, Beijing, which will bring a group of the most forward-thinking and pioneering young contemporary artists in China today to central London.

Sun Xiaoyu
Remote Area Of Red, 2017
Video still

Johnson Chang said of the START 2018 Project: “I’m here to present a small exhibition at START. This small project is now being expanded and getting more space thanks to David, Serenella and Nigel’s generosity. The project is from China – specifically from the China Academy of Art, which was our first national art academy, founded in 1928 and celebrating its 90th anniversary this year.The Academy has been pioneering for many decades now and some of the most famous artists we know came from that academy. This year they’ve promised to send artists from a new generation – all of which are facing new situations, new issues, new technology, and new creativity. We hope this exhibition can be a small contribution and I’m sure it’ll be both creative and fun.”

Zhu Xi, who is one of the selected artists in this project who uses colourful, outlandish methods in his neon installation to explore some of the issues brought about by scientific beliefs; his work reflects on a humorous take on faith and religiosity in science.

Yan Wang of the China Academy of Art, commented: “The exhibition will look back at the power of video and image itself and the installations under the ear of digital and self-media age. To explore the mobility of images, the image-borne poetry in works of young generations, and the social status quo and problems these artists intend to express.”

Nigel Hurst, CEO at the Saatchi Gallery said: “We’re proud to be able to continue hosting the START Art Fair as it marks its fifth year in September. The concept was originally born in the back of a cab in Hong Kong about 8 years ago. Larger art fairs have become quite ubiquitous, but as a result, ended the larger scope of discovery, so how better to change that than focusing on younger artists? Galleries and artists are symbiotic – they work together. The art world is now truly international – an international voyage of discovery to uncover tomorrow’s art today. It’s important because fundamentally artists at the early stages of their careers need people to support and sell their art. I very much look forward to seeing what new discoveries this initiative will bring for this year and beyond.”

Zhu Xi
Kill Shot The Spaceman, 2017
Metal, soft tube

David Ciclitira, co-founder of START said: “There were 28 countries represented at last year’s START – these are young galleries that are not hugely wealthy, so this is all about trying to support them the best we can. As we all know, London isn’t the cheapest place in the world, nor is it the cheapest place to buy art, so the key thing is to help them sell their work on an international stage. I believe that collectors – and especially younger collectors – are hugely important to that mission; it’s why we’re here. Serenella and Nigel are the two key curators in a mission that’s very much a not-for-profit project; we’re here to support young artists and are delighted to be able to do so.”

Of particular interest at this year’s START is Hong Kong-based Kwok Mang Ho (a.k.a Frog King). The boundary-breaking artist is considered as a pioneer in conceptual work and is one of the first in the city to experiment with contemporary art in the late 1960s. Frog King uses an intricate balance of traditional and digital media tools from calligraphy and sculpture to photography, installation, and performance art to create his conceptual work. Since 1967, Frog King’s art and performances have been presented at over 3000 exhibitions and art events worldwide, and he has been the recipient of numerous awards and honors internationally. Collected by museums, foundations and private collectors, each of his works embodies his conceptual utopia.

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