Experience Morning Glow All Day with the Unique Jurlique Rose

NEW Moisture Plus Rare Rose Collection

Get your glow on with Jurlique’s NEW Moisture Plus Rare Rose range. We’ve remastered our much-loved hydration range harnessing the hydrating superpower of the exclusive Jurlique Rose extract and powered by our all-natural microcapsule technology to deliver clinically proven 24h hydration1.

The Unique Hydrating Properties of Jurlique Rose

It’s what we do with our botanicals that make our products so unique. From our farm in the unspoiled Adelaide Hills, each ingredient is intimately considered and harvested in their most powerful state, then combined into our unique formulas. Research has shown that the Jurlique Rose extract produced by our exclusive Bio-intrinsic™ process helps to enhance the function of the tight junction structure preventing water from escaping between the cells. As a result, the Jurlique Rose extract showed evidence that it can improve the skin barrier function helping to retain essential moisture levels within the skin and improve hydration throughout the day.

Microcapsule Technology

Our iconic Jurlique Rose extract is encapsulated deep into the core of a natural microcapsule delivery system. The microcapsule disperses onto the skin evenly and provides extended time release technology of the Jurlique Rose extract onto the skin to maintain skin moisture for 24 hours1.

That lovely, silky, soft rose petals enveloped your skin gently.

The elasticity of skin instantly improves as its being moisturises and tightens gently so replete with moisture is taut with a resilient elasticity, emitting a radiant glow.

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