We have invited an amazing speaker – Johan Ernst Nilson! Johan is a well-known world traveller and a Guinness record holder. He’s been in the highest, deepest, hottest, coldest, most awesome and… most cool places on Earth you can imagine! His presentations are a feast for the eyes and ears. And a food for thought. Johan is going to share his fantastic traveler’s experiences with you and inspire you to make the world you live in a better place.

It will be the first-ever visit of Mr. Nilson to Marbella.

So what is an adventure?

“Everything you do that takes you outside your Comfort Zone is an adventure. It does not have to be to climb Mount Everest or to ski to South Pole. Adventures are very individual. A normal day for you can be an adventure for someone else. Adventures has always been something that attracts humans. To do an adventure is to take a risk and risk taking is evolution. We grow through our mistakes and we build pride by daring. You can never reach a summit without taking some kind of risk.”

— Johan Ernst

Towards Nature is the charity event dedicated to climate change and organised specially for young people.

You have a dream.

You want to become successful and live a long, full and happy life.

But how would you make your dream come true if the world around you was not the same anymore? Climate change, global warming, ozone holes in the sky, exhaust pollution, acid rains, neglected garbage… They are the real dangers that stand on your way to living your dream. They are the monsters no movie or game superheroes can fight and win.

But YOU CAN. By making a step towards Nature.

As said above, the younger generation has daring dreams and a great potential for fulfilling them. The older generation has the goodwill, the wisdom and the means to help them realize their potential. No doubt experiencing a motivational speech by Mr. Nilson will greatly benefit youngsters and their parents alike.

For more information: https://www.towardsnature.life

All raised funds will be forwarded to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation — one of the major non-profit organizations doing a real job of fighting climate change globally, and to MarbellAyuda Foundation – to its special program with Hospital Costa del Sol of renovating the pediatric area in the hospital.

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