Italy in Hollywood 


24 may 2018

10 March 2019

Florence Palazzo Spini Feroni

Piazza Santa Trinità,5r


Hollywoods rich history was founded by Italian talent. The exhibition Italy in Hollywood showcases the presence and importance of Italian immigrants in the development of California in the early 20th century. From architecture, art, film, and finance Italian immigrants left an indelible mark in California. Salvatore Ferragamo was one of the first and most celebrated new arrivals. Ferragamo designed and dressed countless Hollywood stars and gave an Italian accent to the definition of Hollywood glamour. These fervent times played host to the rise of Italian icons such as Enrico Caruso, Lina Cavalieri, Tina Modotti and Rudolph Valentino. Italians have a major role in Hollywood with cinematic milestones such as Cabiria, Ramola and Ben Hur. The Italy in Hollywood exhibition at the historic Palazzo Spini Feroni beautifully tells a complex story of the courage, commitment and success of Italians in California. 

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