Transform your space by decorating with a new colorful ILLULIAN rug and enjoy the most incredible season of the year!

Design Collection

Modern, minimalist, floral and geometric designs abound throughout the rugs of the Design Collection, which draws heavily on the latest trends from the world of fashion.

Dedicated to true design addicts, their colourful appeal means they’ll never stop catching your eye.

Marina Collection
The models in this line are unique pieces exclusively dedicated to the nautical world. Inspired by yachting and the open sea, the rugs combine Illulian’s typical aesthetics and creativity with top-quality materials.

All the rugs by Illulian are knotted and carded by hand and can be

​ produced​

in two quality levels: Platinum 120 and Gold 100. Their unique chromatic appeal hinges on the bright vegetal colours that went into their making.
Platinum 120, the most exclusive line, is characterized by the use of top quality wool and silk and the extremely complex handcrafted process – with a stunning 180,000 knots/m2 –  that creates highly scenographic sculpted effects. Gold 100 proposes rugs made from wool and silk, with a timeless charm and a density of 86,000 knots/m2.

Illulian’s prestigious showroom, located in Milan’s fashion quadrilateral at Via Manzoni 41, is both a temple of the most innovative proposals, reflecting the latest design trends, and a Mecca for antique rare rugs and tapestries, displaying refined one-of-a-kind specimens of unmatched value. A space which accommodates also refined furniture of contemporary style, prestigious fabrics, unique objects of highly sophisticated design, carefully crafted down to the smallest details.

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