Starlite Shop, the first online sales platform that houses the brands of a large number of international celebrities, is associated with the GRAMMY® award-winning singer and songwriter, philanthropist and member of the Salon de la Rock and Roll fame Steven Tyler for the launch of the collection “STEVEN TYLER TIME TRAVELER”, designed exclusively for this project. After announcing the launch of brands such as Antonio Banderas, Naomi Campbell, Alejandro Sanz and Valeria Mazza, the legendary rock legend Steven Tyler arrives at Starlite Shop.

The “Steven Tyler Time Traveler” brand consists of three different collections of bags and travel items. The artist has been inspired by everything that has been lucky to live. For Steven Tyler, life is a journey in time and he is an eternal traveler; “You do not get older, you just grow up.” His brand is born from his belief that things tell stories and transmit experiences, and his goal is that his collections are timeless because they will have more and more life; “My creations are like me, a journey through a world of emotions.”

Steven Tyler Time Traveler brings together versatile collections with which the artist wants to share his passion for traveling and enjoying time. Their collections want to endure in time beyond fashion, they are a way of living eternally.

The three collections are produced with the highest quality leather and exclusive designs.

Steven Tyler Time Traveler can be found at Starliteshop.com and its own e-commerce stores in Mexico, Colombia and Chile. You can also buy your products at Amazon, EBay and the Starlite Shop at the Moda Shopping Center, the Starlite Festival and Vialia or the Starlite Shop at ECI Madrid, Málaga, Mijas and Marbella

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