As for past appointments, Illulian confirms its presence at Downtown Design in Dubai. The luxury Italian brand will showcase a selection of novelties and bestsellers, as the highest expression of the authentic passion for quality and design: veritable artworks, which have been established the company’s worldwide leadership in the field of custom handmade rugs since 1960. Among its extremely wide production, the brand is pleased to present pieces belonging to the Design Collection, which includes modern, on-trend pieces; the Limited Edition refers to its most exclusive collection designed by celebrities, designers, artists and photographers; the Palace Collection encompasses modern rugs with a classic flavour.
PANTHER_Limited Edition
After Makan and Lionheart, another feline joins the collection. With a strong visual impact and majestic
appearance, this rug portrays a black panther with yellow magnetic eyes. Triangular shapes give form to
the head of the animal while playing with different shades of black and grey.
KINTSUGI_Design Collection
Artistic contamination for Kintsugi, which takes its name and technique from the ancient Japanese art of
repairing objects with the insertion of gold or precious metals that ennoble and enhance the fragments,
thus adding a precious character to the product. Similarly, the “cracks” of the carpet are filled with liquid
gold, creating an effect of great scenic impact. A fascinating and unconventional pattern that stands out for its strong expressive power.
COLETTE_Palace Collection
Ancient decorations with an unfinished charm are reinterpreted with a contemporary twist, featuring a palette of delicate shades. Colette is a majestic rug with a great personality, suitable for furnishing the most exclusive interiors. An expression of grace that reveals the magical signs of time, declined in a current design.
Since its foundation the Milan-based company has been esteemed an international icon of style and luxuryfor its gorgeous rugs: Himalayan wool, pure silk and vegetable colors are the essential elements that contribute to giving any carpet a sophisticated appearance; soft chromatic details guarantee any environment an exclusive and elegant allure.
Being an exclusive benchmark in the sector of contemporary and luxury rugs, Illulian collections perfectly encounter the requirements and tastes of an attentive and discerning clientele, including both professionals and private customers. The brand offers vast scope for personalization in terms of colour, pattern, dimensions and shape, to create one-off pieces as unique as any artwork. The prestigious Illulian rugs can be created for residential settings or contract projects, museums, showrooms, hotels, restaurants or nautical environment.

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