What are charter flights?

Charter flights are flights that are not within an Airline regular programming or are marketed through their usual sales channels. For a client interested in meeting very specific travel needs not covered by the general airline offerings, whether in terms of dates, routes, number of passengers or any other variable.

Our company 

Based in the top tourism destination, Spain. 

Luxe Life Advisory role on the implementation of direct flights and day to day destination promotion from China to Spain and Switzerland since 2018 until present with Hainan Airlines Group. Charter flights from Asia to Europe. Especially during covid for international students and business delegations. 

Our team is experienced in travel industry and connectivity solutions. Luxury marketing and serving international tourism partners. 

The company, is the official airline marketing partner of various Chinese airlines, private jet operators and airports since 2017 including:

Hainan Airlines Group 

Juneyao Airlines

Air China

DeerJet #1 private jet company in Asia owned by HNA aviation

Hainan airports

Sanya airport

Haikou airport 

With the MD of Hainan Airlines UK&I announcing the doubling of flights to UK and Ireland as well as DeerJet private jet charter services in partnership with Luxe Life

Why charter special flights?

The main advantage of hiring a special flight is that we can cover specific needs of your trip that cannot be met with the regular offer of flights, with the advantages that this entails: to reach destinations with little regular operation more easily, save costs in overnight stays, adjust the schedules to your own conditions

Can I customise a private plane for these special flights?

You can personalise a private plane. Specifically, our customisation offer for special flights includes:

Individualised headrests

Adapted Welcome message onboard

No maximum baggage allowance (up to hold capacity)

Choice of catering by pre-order. For example Cipriani, Nobu and others

Charter flights: special flights, adapted to you. Our experience at your service: tell us what you need and we design your special flight

We put at your disposal all our experience to help you organise the charter flight that best suits your needs in a comfortable, private and flexible way.

A totally personalised service, in which you can adjust the characteristics of the trip as you wish (dates, time, origin and destination, etc.) and at the best price.


Customise your private planes for events to host your guests from the moment they board your jet

Discover our wide fleet of aircraft for charter flights, with a capacity from 8 to 348 seats, depending on the aircraft model, for short, medium and long-haul trips.

In addition, you can customise every last detail to offer the unique experience of flying on a private plane:

Clients charter special transfers to reach more airports or closer to the final destination than a regular flight service allows

Also, flights to the airports closest to where the entities operate.

Private planes for other events

Business incentives, congresses, press trips

Charter flights for business incentives in which it is not possible to reach a destination by direct flight or in cases where the number of guests exceeds the capacity of regular offer.

Special transport of participants of events of any kind; business, cinema, music or art, congresses of doctors, journalists, writers…

Holiday charter flights

Special destination passengers are regular customers of charter flights, with weekly or monthly frequencies.

Sports charter

Throughout the year we also maintain activity in special operations for sporting events, with League and training trips for some 200 football clubs and football tour operators. 4,500 football players. Price for these flights is €178 euros cheaper per passenger compared to regular airline option. 

Special flights for companies

25 percent of all charter flights are for incentive trips for companies: medium and long-haul flights from both anywhere in the world to any destination.

Write to us charter@luxelife.eu

If you want to organise a special flight or have any questions about these types of flights, we can discuss the various options available.

Tell us your details

Name or business name of the petitioner.

E-mail and contact phone number.

Route (origin-destination) and date.

Number of passengers.

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