From snow-capped mountains to beautiful valleys, St. Moritz in the Engadin region is an awe-inspiring picturesque sight. The Alpine resort town is a year-round bucket list for luxury travellers and thrill- seekers alike. Experience the fascinating glaciers in the bernina’s adventure territory located in the Engadin valley. 

Guests can pick from the various glacier trails and tours and enjoy an exhilerating experience. 

Morteratsch Glacier Trail

In St. Moritz, the glaciers are virtually on your doorstep. One of them is easily accessible via a 50-minute walk from Morteratsch Station. From there, the glacier trail Morteratsch leads guests to the third-longest glacier in the Eastern Alps. On the way there, 16 breakpoints breakpoints provide the perfect opportunity to learn a few facts about the retreat of the Morteratsch Glacier. 

Cavaglia Glacier garden

The glacier garden of Cavaglia is also called “pots of giants”. It is  impressive natural phenomenon at the foot of the Bernina range which is formed over thousands of years. With Piz Palü towering in the background, the cavaglia glacier provides for an excellent adventure for families. Guided tours are available from June to October and promise one of the most magnicient views of the Engadine valley.

Helibernina Glacier flight

Snow-capped mountain peaks, stunning glaciers and rugged cliffs – A bird’s-eye view provides a unique perspective of the magical Engadine mountain world. Viewing this region from the air is probably the most breathtaking, awe-inspiring experience in this region. The helibernina tour in St.Moritz makes this possible with exclusive helicopter tours over the Bernina Glaciers.For groups of more than 4 people, customised tours can also be made available. 

Bernina express bike tour

The local 53 km long mountain bike route known as Bernina Express is very diverse and inspiring. From the bernina valley, the route follows through a beautiful landscape, providing magnificent views of the glaciers. You can explore nature at close while riding  along the left shore of Lago Bianco, before the exciting descent into the Valley along the left shore of Lago Bianco before an exciting descent. Guests can also stop for some refreshments and snacks at the sunny terrace of Restaurant Belvedere and soak in the beauty of the region.

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