Sandra Garcia Sanjuan Interview with LUXE LIFE Magazine

Sandra Garcia Sanjuan is the creator and innovator behind one of Europe’s most celebrated and renowned music festivals. Startlite Festival celebrated every summer in the Spanish resort town of Marbella has not only brought international superstars such as Elton John, Tonny Bennett, Jason Derul, Ricky Martin, and Sting but it has revitalised the city of Marbella. Attracting well over 200,00 thousand spectators and generating 80 million euros worth of economic impact into the local economy. Sandra Garcia Sanjuan adventure began in 2012 and keeps growing bigger and better every year and continues to establish itself as a unique music, art, fashion, and lifestyle experience. Luxe life Magazine has interviewed Sandra Garcia Sanjuan to discover and unearth her creative mindset.

  • How would you define yourself in three words?

Passionate, dynamic and persistent.

  • How would your friends and family define you in three words?

“everything is possible”

  • The last thing you bought and loved.

A Valeria Mazza Design bag from

  • An unforgettable place you last visited

Costa Rica, I went for a sustainable fashion summit

  • A recent find

I’m always incorporating fascinating people that I discover, in my life.

  • You draw your inspiration from

From Starlite, my husband, the artists, my team…

  • An object that you would never part with

My cellphone.

  • A city you would love to live in

New York

  • The last meal that truly impressed you.

I love Japanese food.

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