Holiday 2018 Collection
Gifts of Wonder
Share your Dream, Share your Beauty
Christmas Celebration is starting to take shape as Holiday Gift Sets pop up one after another from October onward! Each year, ESTĒE LAUDER presents an extravagant ensemble of unique gift sets offering something for everyone from enticing fragrances, opulent beauty essentials to skincare combinations, all meticulously chosen to prepare you for the exciting holiday season in top form.
ESTĒE LAUDER’s unmissable Blockbuster Holiday Make Up Gift Set features skincare and makeup bestsellers from ESTĒE LAUDER in a red deluxe case. Packed with an exquisite cosmetic bag, each skincare set is ready to animate the holiday season as a personal treat or a gift! As usual, ESTĒE LAUDER reimagines its legendary solid perfume compacts and pressed powder compacts in limited editions just in time for Christmas. The refined fairy tale-themed creations are encrusted with dazzling Swarovski crystals, making each one a work of art that gives shine to the winter holiday.

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