The beauty and skincare brand Estée Lauder store officially entered K11 MUSEA HONGKONG, the new shopping art museum in Tsim Sha Tsui.

K11 MUSEA is a shopping art gallery that brings together many international brands. In terms of design, it combines top-notch art and cultural creativity. In line with the design of the shopping art gallery and the customer's new shopping experience, Estée Lauder also debuted with a new concept design store.

The Estée Lauder store is distinguished by its white and dark blue colours. The specialty store is divided into three major areas - the ace brand skin care area, makeup area and perfume area. Under the theme of '’The Night is yours’’, Stars Advanced Night Repair features a series of evening skin care products, including micro-element raw liquid, upgraded regenerative dew and eye care products. There is also a lithograph computer under the starry sky to introduce various products and skin care treatments, so that customers can see it at a glance. In order to bring you a full range of skin care experiences, the skin care area also displays the luxurious  Re-Nutriv series, including the ultimate black diamond plastic series, the ultimate flower new series and the ultimate lifting skin series, so that different guests can try the brand corner series.

The store also has an Aerin perfume area where customers can try the fragrance and fragrance collection launched by the brand's founder, Estée Lauder's granddaughter, Aerin Lauder. The perfume area triggers a sense of luxury with a magnificent floral wallpaper, and 12 fragrances showcase the life and personal experience of Aerin.

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