David Bisbal will be performing at Starlite Festival 2018 tonight, July 20. The Artist from Almería has won the affection of the public and the critics recognition since releasing his first album in 2002.  Now he returns with his new tour “DAVID BISBAL 2018”. A unique opportunity to see and enjoy one of our most International Artists on a night to remember in Starlite Festival 2018.

Jose Manuel Soto, the most beloved Sevillian artist, will attend Starlite Festival next Saturday, July 21st with a show full of emotions and his all time classics.
The Sessions stage will acquire a Spanish South essence with one the most iconic representatives of the light song with rumba rhythms. 
Songs such as “Por ella”, “Déjate querer” or “La Pared” will be part of this one-time show
: a night to remember at Starlite 2018 where dance and rhythm will be the absolute protagonists.

Founded in 1992 by front man Jay Kay, the pioneers of “future funk” have taken the world by storm, establishing themselves as one of the most successful acts on the planet. Since the release of their debut album ‘Emergency on Planet Earth’ in 1993, Jamiroquai have completed reinvigorated modern pop music while also paving the way as chief influencers of some of today’s most exciting artists.   
Jamiroquai, the global electronic soul funk sensation, will be at Starlite to make all the audience dance and enjoy with one of the globe’s most revered and unifying musical innovators of our time next Sunday July 22nd.

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