South Korean contemporary mixed media artist, Ilhwa Kim, will début new and never-before-seen artworks created during covid lockdown at ‘Seed Unfolding’ solo exhibition.

Inspired by the unique experience of lockdown, the show unveils a new dimension to Ilhwa’s creative explorations on more than 20 large panel artworks. For this artist, the forthcoming solo exhibition affirms the immanent self-narrating power of art. In essence, the show builds on the recognition that art speaks for itself both to the viewer and the artist.
 “During lockdown, we all had to live in very limited, disconnected spaces. It forced us to dust off our recipes and gave us hours to reinvent our everyday experiences at home.

For me, I became conscious of how my senses gave more attention and room to minor details of my everyday life, and this new attentiveness, this new sensitivity led me to experience my own works in a new way
 – Ilhwa Kim, Artist 

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