The emotive video features the likes of Troye Sivan, Maisie Williams, Lily Collins, Willow Smith, and more.

Spanning between Paris, Los Angeles and Shanghai, Cartier’s ‘LOVE IS ALL’ film is a celebratory testament to connection and generosity in its purest form. With a slew of celebrities dancing and singing to Roger Glover’s ’70s hit ‘Love Is All,’ the film is both an ode to Cartier’s collaborative roots and a festive precursor to the upcoming Holiday season.

“It’s a part of the Cartier philosophy to believe that we are stronger and more authentic together, and that’s why we have gathered this inspiring community of artists who embrace life with a sense of celebration,” Arnaud Carrez, Senior Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer of Cartier said in a statement. “Together, they seem to defy gravity through Cartier’s red box, which they have filled with a sense of joy.”

Directed by British creative Charlotte Wales and with an undying focus on celebration, the film encapsulates the house’s inclusive DNA: the belief that each person’s singularity is enriched by others and that these unique connections enhance one’s perspective. And with lyrics like ‘all you need is love and understanding’ and ‘everybody’s got to live together’ strewn throughout, the film is a much-appreciated reminder of the importance of family and friendship — especially during the Holiday season

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