Atlantic White is the new soft quartzite that becomes part of the Antolini Exclusive Collection, the remarkably selected Antolini portfolio that contains over 80 exclusive materials taken from the world’s finest quarries.

A new material, a new chapter in the fascinating story Antolini never ceases to illustrate, narrating the infinite beauty of natural stone varieties.

Atlantic White is a magnificent painting created by Mother Nature, where black and whiteare blended in a balancedharmonious and infinite movement that shifts into delicate gray nuances.

This chromatic and dynamic combination has been identified by Antolini as an aesthetic apex, envisioning Atlantic White as a distinctive feature of domestic spaces, especially in the more intimate zones of the home such as the bedroom and bathroom, where the choice of using natural stone adds inimitable refinement to the décor.

Spaces set aside for psycho-physical regeneration and rest are the ideal areas in which to insert Atlantic White, which, thanks to the calm movement of its grain, transmits a sensation of wellness to the eye of the observer and the mind, generated by the direct connection with nature and the intrinsic beauty of the stone.

Every horizontal or vertical surface clad in Atlantic White displays uniquepersonality and character, striking chromatic intensity, and textural notes that can only be found in natural stone.

Atlantic White enhances spaces, allowing an admirable delicacy to emerge with its shaded and dark inserts on a white background, where the shadings respond to the light at different times of day, in a lively dialogue with the earth.

The expressive mobility of Atlantic White bears witness to the magic and power of what Mother Nature has been able to create in vibrantliving stone.

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