Monumental installation
This year, the Malian artist Abdoulaye Konaté, one of the major figures of art in Africa, represented by Galerie 38 (Casablanca, Marocco), is invited to present a monumental installation in the central aisle of the Carreau du Temple.Abdoulaye Konaté, born in 1953 in Diré, works in tapestry, clothing, painting and sculpture, and uses fabric as his main creative material. Two main directions emerge from his work. The first, conscious and committed, deals with various themes linked to contemporary society and the human condition, with a critical vision of socio-political issues. The second, purely plastic and aesthetic, leads him to question the analysis of the relationship between colours, associating Western modernism and African symbolism.

La carte blanche des Rencontres AKAA 

The artist Nnenna Okore, represented by Ocober Gallery (London, Great Britain) is invited for a carte blanche in the space of Les Rencontres AKAA within the main hall of the Carreau du Temple.Nnenna Okore, born in Australia in 1975, is a Nigerian artist who works both in Nigeria and the United States. Her creations are abstract sculptures, using fabrics, veils, threads, and inspired by the textures, colours and shapes of her environment and childhood.

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