As the protagonists of the design of a private residence in the center of Verona by the architect Mario Santini, natural stones by Antolini have allowed him to combine his specific language – based on reinterpretations of imagery from the 1950s – with the desire of the owners to formulate a modern and elegant restyling.

Within spaces of both minimalist and welcoming soul, the Antolini natural stonesembody a stylistic signature of contemporary sophistication, enlivened by whimsical post-classical notes, reflecting the architect’s eccentric spirit of creativity.The choice of juxtaposing different materials produces a lively dialogue of styles and colours and adds an individual, unique character to every room. 
The kitchen becomes the fulcrum of family life, concentrating emotions and uses, simultaneously providing a technical space, a representative showcase and a private enclave into which to welcome friends and visitors.In the heart of the kitchen, which faces the dining area, an island has been created with a topentirely covered in exclusive Black Cosmic granite with a Lether finish, on which an induction stovetop and hide-away sink are located.The result is a setting that is both sophisticated and intriguingrigorous and welcoming, making a striking first impression that leaves no room for doubt in the observer.The Black Cosmic granite in the Lether finish by Antolini is also on view in the living area. Placed on the lower part of the bookcase, it allows for the insertion of a fireplace, which becomes a majestic gathering place of natural materials and ancestral toolsstonewood and fire.The synergy between Antolini natural stones and the décor, embodied by the wallpaper as a leitmotif of the entire design, continues in the bathrooms. In one of the two spaces, wallpaper by the English brand Cole & Sondecorated in a nature theme by Fornasetti, enhances an unexpected scenario. Here the choice of the architect Mario Santini has become Silver Roots marble, whose delicate gray tones, cladding the washbasin block and the perimeter wall, form a contrast with the lively, forceful hues of the wallpaper, generating an interior of extraordinary aesthetic charm.
The master bathroom is also furnished with Silver Roots marble in a Lether finish, on the horizontal counter, the washstands, the vertical surfaces and the shower. In this exceptional scenario, the mixture of natural elements seduces, deceives and also amuses. The Antolini stone, in fact, is matched with original three-dimensional wallpaper by Pierre Frey, suggesting the image of bamboo canes, nearly giving the impression of an outdoorenvironment, set aside for physical and mental regeneration.In this expressive and elegant interior designAntolini natural stones prove to be an extraordinary piece of furniture, capable of enacting dialogues between different styles and materials and giving rise to uniqueexclusive living spaces.A magnificent blend of creativityengaging design and refined taste.

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