Mille Miglia One thousand Miles of driving bliss

by Sebastian Marc
Welcome Dinner Palazzo della LoggiaMille Miglia 2015, Brescia, Italy, 14th May 2015(c) Alexandra Pauli for Chopard

On your marks, get set, go! May marks the commencement of one of the worlds most exclusive open air races the renowned Mille Miglia

Imagine driving down winding roads , deep in the Italian hinterlands, bathed in sunshine in a 300 SL. This is the Mille Miglia the ultimate open road endurance race for true driving purists. Today’s 1,000 mile race was originally 1000 Roman miles roughly a 1500km figure eight course.   The first race commenced in 1927 with an all Italian line up. Over the course of the years the race evolved with Mercedes, Porsche and BMW challenging the Italian marques. The epic route from Rome to Brescia sets the tone for this mesmerizing and one of a kind race. After a small hiatus the Mille Miglia came roaring back to life in the late seventies and car enthusiasts and racers alike had the pleasure to welcome back Italian and German thoroughbred’s race on Italian roads.

Mille Miglia happens to be one of the most challenging and demanding rallies as it happens to be the ultimate test of skill for the gentleman or woman driver. Many great drivers have graced this magnificent event such as the late Stirling Moss who’s stunning Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR #722 guaranteed him triumph in the 1955 race. However, many other great drivers faced a less fortunate fate. IN 2017 you are more likely to bump into Adrien Brody or David Gandy but the Mile Miglia remains to be quintessential to its roots.  Entry is strictly restricted to automobiles that were one registered or took part in the original races and subsequently no car can be newer than 1957.

Matthias Mueller (Porsche AG)Mille Miglia 2015, Brescia, Italy, 14th May 2015(c) Alexandra Pauli for Chopard

The Mille Miglia has become a testament to its time and a beacon of sophistication and classic car nirvana. The Mille Miglia is about prestige and a beautiful reminder of classic open air racing.

Sebastian Marc


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