Austrian Cultural Forum Museum of Vienna  and Museum of Industrial Culture present Project ‘Where thing live’Opening: 18th October 2019, 19:00Dates: 19th – 29th October 2019Venue: Museum of Industrial Culture Suported by: Raiffeisen Bank
“Where things live” is the title of a project commissioned by the Museum of Vienna and at the same time it is the best description of a private Museum in Moscow bringing together many thousands of things depicting a whole era and at the same time creating its own life as a unique collection as well as an important vivant cultural place in its district.Commissioned by the Wien Museum the photographer Klaus Pichler a project was created around the “Self Storage Phenomen”. Which things do we keep, and which do we give away? An object’s practical or emotional value is not the only factor in this decision. We also need to consider the amount of space available—especially in the city, where storage in our own homes is an increasingly scarce resource. With traditional storage spaces, such as attics, disappearing and rent increases putting larger apartments out of reach, we’re faced with the question: where can we put these ever-multiplying things?

One option is “self storage”—flexible rented warehouse units that are accessible almost around the clock. The self-storage business model, which was developed in the USA in the 1960s, is still relatively new but a fast growing phenomenon in Austria and still rare in Russia. Klaus Pichler dedicated a photo project to the Viennese self-storages, their users and their warehoused “treasures”. 

However, a collection can also grow into a museum – what is the case with one of the most exciting museums of Moscow: the museum of industrial culture – founded by Lev Naumovich Zheleznjakov is the most impressive example. It is the portrait of a whole culture, the Soviet epoch. Thousands of objects from the 1920ies up to the end of 1990ies covering all fields of the life of simple Soviet citizen. It is a huge archive of objects accurately assembled as a big museum show. The museum is famous in its district “Lyublino” and permanently enriched by donations of citizens. It is situated in an old industrial space that regularly is supposed to be commercialized. This unique museum frequently is frightened to be closed but thanks to civil protest and support could continue its work up to the present days.

“Where the things live” is part of the project «NA RAjONE / Beyond the center: cultural and artistic dynamics between city center, districts and peripherie».

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