From bright colours and bold patterns to eco-friendly designs and sustainability

This past Sat, Nov 30th, season three of Toronto Kids Fashion Week (TKFW) served its hottest and trendiest looks in children’s wear fashion. Designers came from all across the world to showcase their unique, trendy and wearable looks for kids aged 3-13 years old, and were ready to rock the spring and summer 2020 collections. From casual to formal, and plain to colour, this year TKFW was proud to exhibit 13 children’s wear lines with 180 child models. 

Art & Anna designers featured intrinsically linked art & fashion wear pieces focusing their designs on a love for art and creativity while Supreme Tamu designers took on bright colours and a bold pattern clash stance that definitely made a statement as the models walked through. Nudnik turned heads with their eco-friendly messaging and environmentally earth kind designs; and Kindluv re-ignited the social responsibility within us all with their anti-bullying campaign. Tie & Tiara along with Crawford Boys had the formal approach keeping us “awwing” throughout the lines as some of the littlest models came through with the cutest dresses and tuxedos you could ever imagine. 

Zara represented true teenage girls high school fashion in a gossip-girl chic line; and VC Vanco along with Coyote Pretty imagined a trendier and up beat streetwear city-vibe with unique pieces that made you want to head right to the stores. Drole d’Oiseau and MiMozah came in with a more relaxed and playful everyday children’s line with cute and comfortable must haves; and Young Socialites was all about the eye-catching and sparkly ensembles with bright pinks and blues. Lastly, Moka created a line of contemporary classics with an emphasis for small details and sophistication. 

The children modeling the designs in the shows were fierce, fabulous and definitely having a good time. The more the crowd roared with cheers, the better the reactions and the bigger and brighter the smiles became. Some of the models served seasoned expressions and unexpectedly playful looks, a few controlled the runway with just a walk, and others even blew a few kisses to the cameras. These kids knew how to work the runway and showcase their outfits with the professionalism of a true supermodel saunter.  

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