“Exploring every aspect of fine watchmaking”

Frédéric Grangié, CEO of Chanel Watches & Fine Jewellery, talks about the company’s third in-house calibre, the art of fine watchmaking, and allure. 
Baselworld: Which important premiere will we experience at Baselworld 2018?
Frédéric Grangié: Three years after the launch of our very first in-house movement, we will present this year the BOY.FRIEND Skeleton watch equipped with our third in-house movement, as well as two new expressions of Calibre 2, which won an award at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2017.


Baselworld: How do you prepare for Baselworld 2018?
Frédéric Grangié: As you can see, with over thirty years into the watchmaking adventure, Chanel continues to contribute to the art of fine watchmaking. As professional watchmakers, our goal is to nurture the history of watchmaking with continually innovative timepieces. To always propose something new and unexpected. For our 16th participation, we will keep exploring every aspect of fine watchmaking, sustaining the creativity of our icons and our codes. 


Baselworld: How do you recognise quality?
Frédéric Grangié: For Chanel and for me, the most important point is that technology is at the service of beauty. Fine watchmaking at Chanel, and all of our other creations, are an aesthetic vision expressed and enhanced by an ensemble of expert techniques, most of which are extensively patented. This credo offers absolute freedom of creation and quality.
The movements and the watches crafted this way are born from close collaboration between Chanel’s Studio of Creation, the department of Fine Watchmaking at G&F Châtelain, and the work of a group of exceptional artisans who are recognised for their mastery of certain skills.
Baselworld: Is there anyone in particular whom you would like to meet in your life or at Baselworld? What would you ask him or her?
Frédéric Grangié: I would love to meet Elon Musk. His personality is intriguing, he is a visionary tech entrepreneur who dreams big. He wants to transform humans into a “multiplanetary species”. As a side project, he has started to sell flamethrowers for 400 Euro a piece as protection devices against zombies. He sold 1,000 pieces in the first three hours. His vision to change the world and humanity is very inspiring and has a sense of humor. 


Baselworld: What would you like to experience at Baselworld 2018?
Frédéric Grangié: I am looking forward to welcoming the members of the press and retailers who will discover our new products. We hope to be able to continue sharing our vision of time – Chanel time, which is all about allure. 

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