Azahara Muñoz burst Guadalmina by its four sides. La Malagueña, an explosion of efficiency during the second day, explored the famous journey of Javier Arana with 64 marvelous hits, a record as meager as impressive that constitutes record of the field and that supposes a clear action claim that allows him to claim his candidacy in the Andalusia Costa del Sol Open of Spain.

The malagueña, all passion, claimed authorship – “I hope they do not take it now” – in a premonitory way, as just ten minutes later the Thai Supamas Sangchan was about to do so by matching his record, conscious in any case that his main rivals are also characterized by their ability to accumulate birdies on the card, a voracity nevertheless monopolized at its best by an Azahara Muñoz who played, simply, like the angels.

Lacking the error, timidly splashed his hit card in the first part of her tour – what happened from 10 to 18, where she got birdies in the 14th and 16th – was in the second stage where Azahara Muñoz turned her performance into a succession of thunderous actions with no apparent end.

Imbued in a dynamic sweep of success, the pencil of the Malaga golfer began to initiate birdies on her poster board with an effusive contumacy, first on her tenth hole and then, simply spectacular, on five consecutive occasions between the twelfth and the sixteenth, an overwhelming streak that led directly to the field record and, therefore, to the highest part of the classification.

The combination of two consecutive good results was also a private preserve for South African Lee-Anne Pace, winner of this Spanish Open in 2013, an all-round player who was about to replicate, with 4 under par in the second round, her 6 under initial pair, an extraordinary combination of results that put you between the creme of the creme of the tournament.

The focus, however, is mainly on Azahara Muñoz and Carlota Ciganda, two essential icons of Spanish women’s golf, which play together on the third day. A must-see spectacle!

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