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Balenciaga Shaping fashion exhibition at the V&A museum London

Balenciaga Shaping fashion exhibition at the V&A museum London

Balenciaga Shaping fashion exhibition at the V&A museum London By Sebastian Marc Balenciaga needs no introduction, regarded as the master of Haute Couture, recognized world over by his iconic designs and  craftsmanship his work revolutionized the female silhouette and set the  basis for modern fashion. […]



RIO X SEB   Artist Sebastian Marc Graham presents a series of collages with his water colours and Mario Testino  photographs of Rio de Janeiro.            

An unforgettable weekend in Mallorca

An unforgettable weekend in Mallorca

An unforgettable weekend in Mallorca?

Here are some 10 MUST SEE places!

Mallorca is a unique island for its places and landscapes. Come visit Mallorca for a weekend and enjoy the best addresses and my local tips to make it become an unforgettable weekend!

Palma Cathedral




Hip Santa Catalina

To begin, let me take you to the most famous market in Mallorca that joins colors, flavors and offers a unique atmosphere of its kind: EL MERCADO DE SANTA CATALINA. What better way to start a day than to enjoy the simple things of life and the smells of fresh products. For food lovers, I advise you to shop according to your desire of the moment and to eat it in the restaurant near the exit; there will be everything available to cook the good products you’ve selected!


Es Baluard Museum

After awaking your taste buds it is time to enjoy a visit of the Contemporary Museum: ES BALUARD located in the center of Palma; 5 minutes walking from the market. Enjoy a unique contemporary setting of its kind.  Some works of art are exhibited and if you walk up the stairs you’ll enjoy a stunning view of the old town of Palma as well as the port of Palma and the Bellver’s Castle.


Cappuccino Grand Cafe in Calle San Miguel Palma

After walking and visiting the museum Es Baluard, it’s time to enjoy some idyllic locations in the most beautiful premises of Mallorca:  CAPPUCCINO. Cappuccinos are not only coffee house / restaurants they also offer you a classy atmosphere while maintaining the traditional spirit of Mallorca. In the hot summers of Palma, I advise you: the homemade lemonade or frocaccinos (for coffee lovers); nothing more refreshing! For the hungry ones, the club sandwich and the homemade Cappuccino’s burgers are simply delicious!



City Skyline

Once you have enjoyed the food and coffee it is time to admire the old town of Palma! Nothing better than going through Born to move towards the old town’s walls. Once at the top enjoy a breathtaking view of the bay of Palma and of the beautiful cathedral. This tour of the old Palma is a MUST SEE!


Boutiques line the Paseo del Borne


Time for shopping! I recommend you visit BROWNIE; the shop is located in the center of Palma in its beautiful streets. This Spanish brand will make more than one fall in love with it! Come back from your original holidays and make your friends jealous of your new looks!


Next destination Andratx! After a busy day in Palma it’s time to enjoy an outstanding view of Puerto Andratx.  My little shopping tip is to enjoy this calm and relaxing atmosphere to try pareos and beach accessories unique in the world in PAREOCONNECTION. Choose your favorite ones and become the most beautiful on the beach tomorrow!




Es Trenc

For this last day, nothing more exciting than a paradise beach: ES TRENC. Go there early in the morning to enjoy the calm and sip a good coffee in one of the most beautiful chiringuito of Mallorca (beach restaurant): EL CHIRINGUITO DEL MEDIO. For lunch, the CHIRINGUITO DEL MEDIO offers a menu full of variety, personally I love the ham and Melon, fresh and authentic! Little advice of the day; to fight against the heat, order a white (made of cava) or Red Sangria and sip it with your best friend the feet in the sand! CHEERS

(More info on the facebook beach: el chiringuito del medio)


To enjoy your last night in Mallorca, let me take you in THE tapas bar of Mallorca: MOLTA BARRA. Enjoy an authentic and welcoming atmosphere of a real tapas bar. The counter present some variety of tapas and for the curious ones a menu full of different tapas is also at your disposition. I suggest you to order a half liter red/white wine and indulge yourself as you wish to taste many tapas of the menu! Enjoy the low prices and the excellent quality of tapas! Salud


To end this wonderful night, nothing better than to take your best friend dancing and sipping some cocktails in the most known and Classy club of Mallorca: Pacha Mallorca. Enjoy the VIP lounge areas and do not forget the dance floor that offers the best music and Dj’s worldwide!



As it’s your last day in Mallorca let me bring you to PUERTO PORTALS to enjoy a nice coffee and lunch. This port is known as the St Tropez of Mallorca. There you’ll find plenty of variety of restaurants and shops equally luxurious and classy. Once you’ve chosen your restaurant, enjoy the fancy cars and the beautiful view of the port and its Yachts. My Advice is to enjoy a nice refreshment at the Roxy beach club near the portal’s beach for a moment nostalgia just before going to the airport. Cheers next to the sea this wonderful weekend!

Ritz Carlton residences Miami

Ritz Carlton residences Miami

Ritz Carlton arrives in Sunny Isles Miami Without a doubt the Ritz Carlton residences in Sunny Isles is one of the most exciting projects rising above the white sands of Florida, The Ritz Carlton pushes the boundaries of Luxury living in Miami. The 52 story […]

Victoria Secret Fashion show goes to Shanghai

Victoria Secret Fashion show goes to Shanghai

  Victoria Secret Fashion Show goes to…..     ……Shanghai The girls are going East! This year Victorias Secret Fashion Show will take place in Shanghai for the first time ever!  The girls are currently touring China. Allesandra Ambrosio, Ming Xi and Sui He are […]

In Side

In Side



Home Inspirations….



神奇的聖托裏尼 愛琴海南部的聖托裏尼島,坐擁令人嘆為觀止的美景。壹天是絕不足以領略它的奇觀之美。 (images and text by Anny Heydan) 聖托裏尼是壹個73平方公裏(28平方英裏)左右的小火山島,是基克拉澤斯群島的最南端的島嶼。這個小島由大量火山爆發的殘留物沈積行程裏長達12千米寬7千米的火山口。 無論妳是住在Imerovigli鎮的酒店或是乘遊輪抵達,都不能錯過聖托裏尼的美景。 取道伊亞(Oia)田園般的小鎮,妳就會發現那些所謂的“聖托裏尼特色”,藍屋頂,白房子,錯落地嵌在懸崖邊,眼前無限蔚藍的大海和數不盡的田園詩般的各色餐廳。希臘美食自然必不可少,佐以壯麗的美景。伊亞(Oia)的餐廳毫不局限,食物從傳統希臘美食到融合了其他風格的高級希臘料理。 如果妳更想體驗真正的傳統美食,不妨選擇Ammoudi,就在距離伊亞(Oia)五分鐘車程的港口。妳會發現那裏的餐廳緊臨著大海,琳瑯滿目的新鮮魚類和各式海鮮絕對不容錯過。 聖托裏尼的海灘不是最著名的,但是它們絕對值得壹遊。島嶼是火山島,因此妳能夠在島上欣賞到不同種類的巖石,大部分沙灘是黑色的但是在卡馬利(Kamari)附近也有白沙灘和紅沙灘。在靠近這些海灘的島嶼最東南角,妳會經過阿克羅蒂裏(Akrotiri)的米諾斯(Minoan)文明遺跡青銅時代(大約公元前1627年)的火山爆發遺址。因被火山灰覆蓋,發掘出的遺跡都驚人地保存良好,這會是壹次美好都史前遺跡之旅。 午餐時間,可以前往費拉島(Fira)的首都(希臘語中的Thira)享用午餐,個人推薦Koukoumavlos和Argo。選擇任意壹間妳都可以觀賞到令人窒息的落日。美食相伴,共飲壹杯當地釀造的美酒,享用獨壹無二的島上晚餐。女士們可能會在Fira上的高級商店中留戀。價格並不實惠但是妳壹定能找到妳的心儀之物,攜其隨行。 總而言之,聖托裏尼是獨壹無二的,無可比擬的。攝魂的美景和熱情友好的島民讓妳的家庭旅遊計劃或二人浪漫行充滿夢幻色彩。   聖托裏尼是獨壹無二的島嶼,充滿了可以帶回家收藏的驚喜。   聖托裏尼是有趣的購物聖地。  小商店散落在村落各處。夏天的時候商店通常開到比較晚,所以妳就有時間細細搜尋有趣的寶貝。 在費拉(Fira)妳能盡情享受購物的樂趣。在哪裏有數十家商店,排列在鵝卵石道路兩旁。從便宜的紀念品到潮流時裝應有盡有。聖托裏尼的珠寶店也十分著名,Odos Ipapantis (Gold Street)就在壹旁。Ypapantis購物中心中的Lalaounis是其中壹家以復古風格聞名的珠寶店。這位設計師在全希臘都有門店。 在伊亞(Oia)妳也同樣能找到很多購物去處。除了擁有數家珠寶店之外,藝術才是伊亞最為人所知的。細細探索妳能發現展示希臘當代藝術的許多獨特畫廊。 聖托裏尼最值得帶回家的小物 聖托裏尼擁有豐富的火山土壤以及獨特的微氣候,這使得它成為世界上出眾而唯壹的葡萄酒產地之壹。當地的葡萄品種有assyrtiko, aidani, mantillaria和mavrotragano。幾個當地的酒莊出產有眾多曾獲殊榮的好酒,十分值得購買。 聖托裏尼的紅酒很容易在島上的超市或市場找到。另壹個是巧克力,特別采用島上的甜酒vinsanto制成,十分美味。出了聖托裏尼就很難找到了。 聖托裏尼有超過十數家酒莊生產紅葡萄酒、白葡萄酒以及甜酒,眾多曾獲殊榮。在當地酒莊停下腳步學習島上的葡萄酒生產過程,並尋找最適合妳味蕾的美酒。這裏有我們的三個推薦: Canava Roussos。由Mykonian家族建立於1836年,Canava Roussos坐落在Mesa Gonia的錯落,是島上歷史最悠久的酒莊。酒莊擁有壹個美麗的花園用以品嘗紅酒,同時還有壹個小型博物館,展出跨越世紀的葡萄酒生產的珍貴照片。 Hatzidakis Winery。建於1997年,這座在皮爾戈斯Pyrgos的酒莊出產各種獲得獎項的聖托裏尼葡萄酒。可於地窖品嘗他們的佳釀。 Santo Wines。在伊亞Oia這件優美的酒窖中,妳可以展開壹番遊覽並且學習釀酒的知識,或是僅僅試著找到妳最愛的希臘葡萄酒。特別地,妳還可以壹覽火山口的瑰麗景色。 LUXE LIFE奢華生活為您準備的聖托裏尼餐廳導覽: 聖托裏尼最棒的小酒館: Metaxy Mas Tavern […]

Balenciaga 2017 Spring Summer Collection

Balenciaga 2017 Spring Summer Collection

Balenciaga 2017 Spring Summer Collection   

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Spring into Spring

Spring into Spring

Spring into Spring Miami is the place to see and be seen this Spring (by Sebastian Marc) Spring is upon us and its time to swap our cashmere sweaters for shorts and sandals!  The flowers are starting to bloom and the weather only gets better. Spring […]

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